More from “Dreadful Folktales”


Last month, I posted regarding the exhibition/book release in Norway for Dreadful Folktales from the Land of Nosferatu. The book is authored by Gina Sandulescu and illustrated by Costin Chioreanu, both of Romania. Costin has now posted a short movie about the exhibition, including interview clips with members of the bands Einherjer and Vulture Industries:


Upcoming Exhibition: “Dreadful Folktales from the Land of Nosferatu”


This is a short video plugging Costin Chioreanu’s exhibition for Dreadful Folktales from the Land of Nosferatu.  The exhibition will be this weekend in Norway. And I really wish that I were in Norway right now.

Music for Cthulhu’s Awakening



Heavy, dark, intense, slow-grinding doom metal at its best. Catacombs is the one-man project of John Del Russi (currently doing projects under the name Xathagorra). This is a track from his 2006 recording, In the Depths of R’lyeh. Put out the lights and sink into this album’s oppressive transcendence. This is meditation music for the rest of us.