Awesomely Spooky Music III

There are quite a few musical works that I enjoy that evoke that magnetically dark and “spooky” atmosphere that I love in works of art. I thought that, as we approach the quintessentially spooky holiday of Halloween, I would make a few posts about some of my favorite pieces of Halloween-appropriate music. This is number three in the short series.

Nox Arcana have created a rather large number of albums, all with varying dark themes but all quite dramatic and impressive. Some of the albums tend to sound a bit similar to my ears, but they do a good job at making each themed album unique enough to stand out in some way from the others. Their newest, Season of the Witch, would make a particularly perfect soundtrack for any Halloween-themed endeavor:

And if you’d rather summon the Great Cthulhu, try their Necronomicon title, in particular the track, ‘Ritual of Summoning;’ ‘Ïa! Ïa! Cthulhu Fhtagn!’:

You can find Nox Arcana’s “Music for Creatures of the Night” and some sweet “Gothic Gear” on their website


Music for Cthulhu’s Awakening



Heavy, dark, intense, slow-grinding doom metal at its best. Catacombs is the one-man project of John Del Russi (currently doing projects under the name Xathagorra). This is a track from his 2006 recording, In the Depths of R’lyeh. Put out the lights and sink into this album’s oppressive transcendence. This is meditation music for the rest of us.

Cthulhu Cutout

This photo is from Jerom’s Blog and there is a link there to the cutout that you can print, cut and paste to make this ‘Cutethulhu’. His blog also has some other good Lovecraftian stuff, so if you’re interested in Lovecraft, then please pay it a visit. Oh, it’s mostly in French, but if you can’t make out the words, then the pictures are good in themselves.