The Way to True Change

Every day, it seems that people are confronted with some new or old boogeyman, either in the guise of a group or a grievance, that we are urged is a menace to us and needs to be suppressed and eradicated, even to the point of squashing basic civic rights. Never mind the fact that the fear-mongering is very lucrative to those who are brandishing it, and it comes from all sides. It has become so bad that I generally avoid what passes for news now, as it’s obvious that much of it is a play for mind-control and “rabble-rousing,” not to mention a means to remove hard-won liberties.

I read a quote from Serge Kahili King today that I think is very relevant to the current state of affairs in the U.S.A. and many other parts of the world:

The changing of the world will not be done by advertising, no matter how extensive or well-designed. It will not be done by excessively expensive projects and processes, nor by bigger and better weapons either actual or metaphorical. It will never be done by trying to heal abstract concepts that only represent people. It can only be done by healing individual people one at a time, or by helping them to heal themselves.

— Serge Kahili King, Healing for the Millions: The Amazing Dynamind Technique (Introduction), 2015

We as individuals alone have the power to take our own lives in hand and make ourselves into the best us that we can. We can do that best by taking care of ourselves and lending a helping hand to those who need us. We all have a common twin enemy — Destruction and Death — and we don’t need to give those beings a helping hand in any way; they need no help in their encroachment.