Satyrday v

Drawing of two satyrs by English satirist and actor, Ben Jonson.


Friday’s Goddess i

Freja by John Bauer

Friday (from Old English Frigesdaeg) is the day of Frige, aka Freya/Freja/Freyja (Norse), Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman). Usually called the goddess of Love, but according to old astrological sources, with lustful overtones.

This excellent portrayal of Freja by John Bauer captures the nobility and sensuousness (and inaccessibility?)  of this love goddess.

Satyrday ii

Silenoi and Maenads

Detail of two satyrs with Maenads from a Greek vase.

These types of satyrs, with horse ears and tails but otherwise humanoid features, carry the name of Silenoi (sons of Silenos). The horned, goat-legged satyrs carry the name of Panetes (sons of Pan). Satyrs and Maenads acted as the devotees of the god Dionysos (Roman Bacchus).