Best Doll Ever?


Edgar & Annabel

I’m not generally into collecting dolls, but when I saw this Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee set (part of the Living Dead Dolls Collection) several years ago I had to get them immediately. The dolls come in their own coffin. I love the motto on the back of the coffin: “We’ve passed away, now it’s time to play!”

Edit Oct 6, 2018: I posted this last October but made it private because I wanted to use my own photo, not a stock photo from the original store site. It has taken me this long to take a photo…


Satyrday ii

Silenoi and Maenads

Detail of two satyrs with Maenads from a Greek vase.

These types of satyrs, with horse ears and tails but otherwise humanoid features, carry the name of Silenoi (sons of Silenos). The horned, goat-legged satyrs carry the name of Panetes (sons of Pan). Satyrs and Maenads acted as the devotees of the god Dionysos (Roman Bacchus).

Cthulhu Cutout

This photo is from Jerom’s Blog and there is a link there to the cutout that you can print, cut and paste to make this ‘Cutethulhu’. His blog also has some other good Lovecraftian stuff, so if you’re interested in Lovecraft, then please pay it a visit. Oh, it’s mostly in French, but if you can’t make out the words, then the pictures are good in themselves.