Best Doll Ever?


Edgar & Annabel

I’m not generally into collecting dolls, but when I saw this Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee set (part of the Living Dead Dolls Collection) several years ago I had to get them immediately. The dolls come in their own coffin. I love the motto on the back of the coffin: “We’ve passed away, now it’s time to play!”

Edit Oct 6, 2018: I posted this last October but made it private because I wanted to use my own photo, not a stock photo from the original store site. It has taken me this long to take a photo…


ECU Streaker

East Carolina University is my alma mater; I went there because it was and is the closest university to my hometown, where I still live. Good college, great music department. It’s always good to see my school in the news – in this case because of a streaker at Saturday’s game. And, better yet, the ECU newspaper published uncensored full-frontal photos on the front page, which you can see, along with more on the story, on this page.

Good going, John. I’m not being sarcastic, I think that every game should have a streaker. It’s stupid and funny and almost everyone with a sense of humor laughs.