TeleVideo PC from 1983

The TS 803 personal computer from TeleVideo.┬áNo fan for no noise, a ‘big’ 14″ monitor, a whopping 1 MB of storage space, at only $2,495 – and while not the first, it was the best! This advert comes from a June, 1983, edition of Esquire magazine. The ad states that the TS 803 is $1000 less than a comparably equipped Apple, but I think that it’s safe to say now that Apple didn’t have anything to worry about.


Spirit Communication Advice

‘Toys’ such as Ouija boards ought to be avoided; not because the boards themselves are ‘evil,’ but because the spirits that these devices bring through are almost always liars. This comment is based upon personal experience.

quoted from The Red Church: or The Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei, by C.R. Bilardi.