Friday’s Goddess iii

Two versions of this classic song referencing the goddess of love-making. The original by Shocking Blue:

And from about 15 years later, Bananarama’s more disco-like rendition:

I think that the general consensus is that the original is better by far, but I like them both, and Bananarama’s video is certainly more lively to look at. Their songs were just meant to be fun poppy stuff –their voices sound nice together and they did a few good hits. I always thought that Siobhan Fahey (the short-haired blond) was cute, she kind of looked like a young Jessica Lange. She married Dave Stewart from Eurythmics.


Friday’s Goddess i

Freja by John Bauer

Friday (from Old English Frigesdaeg) is the day of Frige, aka Freya/Freja/Freyja (Norse), Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman). Usually called the goddess of Love, but according to old astrological sources, with lustful overtones.

This excellent portrayal of Freja by John Bauer captures the nobility and sensuousness (and inaccessibility?)  of this love goddess.